Rare Album: Special David Christie Sound (LP, 1968)

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David Christie Birthday Tribute – One Man Wonderful Band (1977)


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David Christie – Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble (1974)

David Christie - Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble 7" vinyl (1974)

David Christie – Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble 7″ vinyl (1974)

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Régine – J’en Ai Marre (1978)


Régine ‎– Jackpot (LP, 1978)

Régine, whose real name is Regina Zylberberg, is a businesswoman and singer from Belgium. Régine is famous for her nightclubs and discothèques. Her famous friends included Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Boy George and more, some were regulars to her clubs.
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#NowPlaying David Christie Hot Dance Tracks!


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Les Poppys – Western Story (Album, 1973)

Les Poppys – Western Story (Vinyl LP, 1973).

Les Poppys are a children’s choir from France. The pop group have a long history which date back from when they were first founded in 1946 in Asnières (France) by Jean Amoureux as Les Petits Chanteurs d’Asnières, and later renamed Les Poppys under the Barclay record label in 1970. The line-up of the group have changed over the years, but they still continue to perform and tour around Europe. Continue reading