Robin Song Music: The David Christie Story

Hi everyone! Please do check out Jack Robinson’s new website for his record label Robin Song Music at where you can find more of Jack’s artists, sound bites, exclusive photos etc., and there’s even a special page on David Christie to check out – The David Christie Story!

Christine’s Blog Part 1! Kalone Pays Tribute To David Christie: An International Star Born In Tarare

By Guest Author Christine

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At the end of this last year, we were lucky enough to get three articles from two different local newspapers. They paid tribute to David thanks to Kalone, a musician living in Tarare, David Christie’s home town; I suggest you to find out the transcription of Kalone’s interviews through three posts. Continue reading

Christine’s Blog: “I Love To Love” Story Continued…


Photo montage of David Christie’s albums against background picture of the pier of Capbreton (called “L’ Estacade”) by Christine

The album “I Love To Love” was followed by “Love Is The Most Important Thing”(1977), “Backfire”(1978) and obviously the famous “Back In Control”(1982) in which we can listen to his international hit “Saddle
Up” Continue reading

Christine’s Blog: I Love To Love

By Guest Author Christine

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From 1975 to 1991 David Christie’s career was mainly in English.  Actually, he met Jack Robinson in 1973 – 1974 and they decided to team up; as usual, David composed all the music and Jack Robinson most of the lyrics. Their first common album LP in 1975 was “I Love To Love “.

Photo by Christine

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Crystal – Sings The Best of Tina Charles (Album, 2016)

I’m very glad to see new bands and artists cover David Christie’s music as they are just as popular and help keep David’s music alive. Continue reading

News Round-Up For May 2016!

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Here’s a little news round-up for the month of May so far… Continue reading