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David Christie – “Saddle Up” 33rd Anniversary

33 years ago this week, David Christie’s single “Saddle Up” (from the album “Back In Control”) reached No.9 in the UK top 10 for the week ending the 25th Sept.1982, and stayed in the music charts for a total of 12 weeks.

“Saddle Up” was written in 1979 and released in 1982, the rest is history. The single became an international smash hit for David who certainly made his parents and family very proud of him. “Saddle Up” reached the highest chart positions in the following countries: #3 in South Africa, #4 in Switzerland, #6 in France, #7 in Ireland, #10 Netherlands, and #12 in Germany.

“Saddle Up” is a classic, which has been covered and remixed by top international artists and DJ’s over the years. And even more recently, the song has appeared in a French comedy film with an accompanying soundtrack album titled “Bis” ,which was released in early 2015.

DC-Saddle UP 82

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David Christie – Unreleased Songs (Fan Playlist)


Hi everyone!

As you will know from previous blogs, earlier this year, six unreleased David Christie tracks was released on the “The Essentials” album. Well, here’s the great news! The same record company has just released three more of David’s unreleased tracks on two new various artists compilation albums: “Disco Dance”, and “Disco Music”. The three new songs areAnother Night“, “Follow That Car” and “Annie Don’t You Miss That Airplane“; and I have included them in a playlist, which also includes many of the previously unreleased tracks compiled from albums (see below for details and where to purchase albums).  I hope you all enjoy David’s music in this playlist! Cheers everyone! 🙂
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David Christie – The Ballads Collection (Fan Playlist)

photo 456 Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed listening to my playlist in the previous post titled “David Christie – Let’s All Dance“. Well, I hope you’ll enjoy my next playlist which is a collection of David Christie’s love songs titled “David Christie – The Ballads Collection“, and compiled from his albums on Spotify. If it were possible, I would also like to include David’s other great tracks, his powerful ballads “You Are My Rock”, “I Guess I’ll Always Love You”; and his French songs including “Seul”, “Une Nuit” etc., but unfortunately, these songs have not been re-released – let’s hope they’ll be released/remastered in the future!
Enjoy, happy listening!

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David Christie – Let’s All Dance! (Fan Playlist)

bitmap10For your listening pleasure, I have made a dance playlist of David Christie’s songs compiled from some of his albums on Spotify. Have a great weekend and week ahead everyone! Enjoy David’s music!

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Remembering David Christie On His Birthday

Remembering David Christie On His Birthday (1948 – 1997)

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