Marsha Hunt – C’est La Vie (1976)

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David Christie – Pour Une Fille Quelque Part (Full Studio Version, 1981)

Some months back, I posted about David Christie’s Eurovision song entry for France, “Pour Une Fille Quelque Part” (For A Girl Somewhere) – read the post and watch David’s live appearance HERE!

David Christie - Pour Une Fille Quelque Part (7" Single,1981) David Christie - Pour Une Fille Quelque Part (7" Single,1981) (back cover)

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David Christie – “Saddle Up” 33rd Anniversary

33 years ago this week, David Christie’s single “Saddle Up” (from the album “Back In Control”) reached No.9 in the UK top 10 for the week ending the 25th Sept.1982, and stayed in the music charts for a total of 12 weeks.

“Saddle Up” was written in 1979 and released in 1982, the rest is history. The single became an international smash hit for David who certainly made his parents and family very proud of him. “Saddle Up” reached the highest chart positions in the following countries: #3 in South Africa, #4 in Switzerland, #6 in France, #7 in Ireland, #10 Netherlands, and #12 in Germany.

“Saddle Up” is a classic, which has been covered and remixed by top international artists and DJ’s over the years. And even more recently, the song has appeared in a French comedy film with an accompanying soundtrack album titled “Bis” ,which was released in early 2015.

DC-Saddle UP 82

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David Christie – Our Time Has Come (1982)

David Christie – Our Time Has Come (1982)

Here’s another fantastic dance track from David Christie, “Our Time Has Come”. The single was released in France, UK and Germany in 1982, and was the follow-up to his world-wide hit single “Saddle Up”.  “Our Time Has Come” was a Top 50 hit in Germany at #49 and stayed in the charts for five weeks. The 12″ version of this single can also be found on David’s superb rare 1984 album titled “Stress” – see “Albums” section for track details!

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David Christie – Pour Une Fille Quelque Part (1981)

David Christie – Pour Une Fille Quelque Part (For A Girl Somewhere), 7″ Single (1981)

The Eurovision song contest is almost upon us, but did you know that David Christie entered the song contest in the French 1st semi-finales way back in 1981?  It’s true! Luckily, there is footage of David singing live his entry for the Eurovision “Pour Une Fille Quelque Part” (For A Girl Somewhere) – a great catchy song he wrote and produced at his home studio the “Song Factory”. The song was released as a single together with the b-side titled “Sun And Light”, and is one of the rarest David Christie records to find.

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Jacques Pépino (David Christie) – N’importe Quoi / Sous Ton Balcon (1966)

rare dcJacques Pépino – N’importe Quoi,  7″ single 1966

Here is one of David Christie’s earliest singles from 1966 titled “N’importe Quoi” that was released under his real name of Jacques Pépino, and who was at the very young age of just 18 years old! The 7″ single was taken from the 4-track EP (of the same title), which was also released in the same year, and was the follow-up single to his 1965 debut EP titled “Catherine”. Check out the tracks “N’importe Quoi” and “Sous Ton Balcon” from the 7″ single below, enjoy!

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