Tommy Nilsson ‎– Radio Me (1981)

Tommy Nilsson – Radio Me (7″ vinyl single, 1981)

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After the successful release of Tommy Nilsson’s debut single, “No Way No How”, David Christie and Jack Robinson wrote an extra song for Tommy titled “Radio Me”, and this was the second single released in 1981.

“Radio Me” did not appear on Tommy’s first album, “No Way No How”, but appeared on his follow-up LP “Tommy Nilsson”, which was released in 1982, and is available to purchase as a digital download from most online music stores!

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Tommy Nilsson ‎– No Way No How (Album, 1981)

Tommy Nilsson ‎– No Way No How (Vinyl Album, 1981)

Tommy Nilsson is a rock singer and songwriter from Switzerland, and he is renowned for having one of the best singing voices in Sweden by critics.

In the 1970s, Tommy was the singer of a Swedish heavy metal band called “Horizont”, who released a few albums, but towards the 80’s he decided to go solo and move into Pop/dance music. Tommy was approached by French producer Yves Accary, who signed him on to a French Record company and this resulted in the release of his first solo album, “No Way No How”, which was produced and engineered by David Christie.

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