Robin Song Music: The David Christie Story

Hi everyone! Please do check out Jack Robinson’s new website for his record label Robin Song Music at where you can find more of Jack’s artists, sound bites, exclusive photos etc., and there’s even a special page on David Christie to check out – The David Christie Story!

Titanic’s Lead Singer Roy Robinson Passed Away In June 2015

A-597874-1239812670.jpegRoy Robinson (31st December 1945 – 8th June 2015)

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Roy Robinson – Stay Thru The Night (1983)

Roy Robinson – Stay Thru The Night (1983)

Roy Robinson is a British rock/blues singer and songwriter who was the lead singer of Norwegian rock band Titanic. Roy went solo in the late 70’s and released a few singles including the song “Stay Thru The Night” in 1983, which he co-wrote with David Christie. In recent years, Roy reunited with Titanic and released an album in 2008 titled “Ashes And Diamonds”.

Enjoy this great track and superb vocals from Roy Robinson below!

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