Phyllis Nelson – Stop (Don’t Do This To Me) (Music Video)

Phyllis Nelson

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David Christie’s Music Recorded By Other Artists

imageHere are more of David Christie’s compositions that were recorded/covered by four top artists below – I hope you enjoy listening to these great songs as much as I do!

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Phyllis Nelson, and David Christie – Stop (Don’t Do This To Me) (1983)

Phyllis Nelson (1950 – 1998) was an American R&B/dance singer most famous for her UK chart-topping recording, “Move Closer”, which was her biggest selling hit at #1 and stayed in the charts for nearly six months in 1985.  Phyllis also had a successful hit in the US and France with “I Like You”, which reached #1 and #29, respectively.

Phyllis covered one of David Christie’s songs titled “Stop” from his 1982 album “Back In Control”.  A year later, Phyllis’s “Stop (Don’t Do This To Me)” was released in 1983 on 7″ and 12″ vinyl singles, and was also included on her best-selling debut album “Move Closer” for Carrere Records in 1984. The album also includes another cover of David’s songs “Heartbeat To Heartbeat” which is worth checking out!

Check out Phyllis’s cover and David’s original recordings of “Stop” below!

Phyllis Nelson – Stop Don't Do This To Me 12" Vinyl 1983.

Phyllis Nelson – Stop Don’t Do This To Me 12″ Vinyl 1983.

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