Nicole Valérie – Le Slow Qui Slove (Unreleased track)

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Nicole Valérie

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Nicole Valérie – Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble (Music Video)


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Nicole Valérie – Homage (Music Video Montage)

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Recently, Nicole Valérie released a new video on her Youtube channel, a montage of her concerts featuring songs from her previous albums. Continue reading

Nicole Valérie & David Christie – Ma Prière D’Amour/ Toi Le Dieu Enfant

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Nicole Valérie has posted more great songs on her YouTube and Dailymotion pages – check them out! There are new videos for “Ma Prière d’Amour” (My Prayer of Love), “Toi Le Dieu Enfant” (You Are The God child), and “Ma Ké Courage Que J’ai”, all of which were written by David Christie – see below and enjoy the music!

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Nicole Valérie – S’Aimer En Atlantique (New Video)

Great news! Nicole Valérie has released a new video for her superb song “S’Aimer En Atlantique” and is now available to watch on YouTube and Dailymotion in HD! I have posted the video below and have also included her video for L’amour Fait Rêver, both songs are taken from Nicole’s first album titled “Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble” (When We Lived Together) which was written and produced by David Christie. Enjoy!

Nicole Valérie - S’aimer en Atlantique 7" single (1991).

Nicole Valérie – S’aimer en Atlantique 7″ single (1991).

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Nicole Valérie – S’Aimer En Atlantique / Ma Prière D’amour (1994)

Nicole Valérie is a French singer and songwriter from Landes, France. Over the years, Nicole has recorded and released a number of albums which includes a wide range styles/genres, and also music for children. She has won a number of awards for her music and songwriting work.

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