David Christie

Biography translated from Peer Music (France) :


The famous question posed by William Shakespeare applies to the singer, songwriter, musician, and arranger David Christie. Born Jacques Pepino in Tarrare, France in 1948, his parents destined to take over the family business of manufacturing silk. But the young Jacques mind was occupied by music from an early age.  At age 15, he replaced the Sunday church organist who was sick. His family was surprised to learn that their son could play the organ, piano, guitar, bass and drums – all learned as an autodidact.

He makes a deal with his parents: they let him go to the “big city”, Paris, and tried his luck as a singer, but if it does not bring results quickly he would learn to manage the plant.

His first “Pretty Julie” to hit 17 was detained in Paris. The “Julie” of the song was “Julie Christie,” his idol. So captivated by the beauty of the English he adopted the name of David Christie in his honor. When he went to file his first song at the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of French Music, SACEM, informed that someone else already used the nickname Christie. So he was forced to find another. James is the English equivalent of Jacques and his favorite movie was actor William Holden. Holden became Bolden and he named James Bolden and composer.

After a second hit in French, “Notre Premier Enfant” (Our First Child), celebrating the birth of his daughter Nathalie, his career as a French singer crumbled. To stay in the music he began to produce for artists labels. Not very successful, but this function has provided the necessary funds for the construction which was probably the first “home studio” in France. If no record company wanted to produce it would itself.
Then comes the author, producer, and editor Jack Robinson. At their first meeting Robinson came to present the songs of other authors Christie for its range of artists Barclay.
Instead, Christie sat at the piano and played music to Robinson who returned. At this time, they agreed to work together. Robinson put English lyrics to the music of Christie. To find a label interested in the artist, they still had to find another alias for this artist 26 years “has been”. David Jacques James became Napoleon Jones.
Although the album has only produced a relative success for him as an artist, “LAZY LOVE” served as a great demo. All titles except two songs were re-interpreted and used by other artists and the result shows more than 20 million records sold with the compositions of the album Napoleon Jones comprising: “I LOVE TO LOVE” by Tina Charles, “(If You Want It) DO IT YOURSELF” as a new title after Gloria Gaynor “Never Can Say Goodbye” and the version of Marsha Hunt “THAT’S LIFE”.

The Bolden-Robinson team continued to write hits for Grace Jones (“Do Or Die”), FRANTIQUE “Strut Your Funky Stuff” they produced, Morris Albert “Feelings” Fame (“Midnight” and “Flashback “), a Swedish pop idol Tommy Nilsson (” No Way, No How “), four more hits for Tina Charles, a must-have title for the French superstar Sylvie Vartan,” Smoke “, two songs for Phyliss Nelson, a song dedicated Stevie Wonder recorded by the famous soul group The Spinners, “One Man Band Wonderful,” a title for the Disco Diva Carol Douglas, a new version of “Do or Die” for Eartha Kitt, hit and sold millions of copies by David Christie himself “SADDLE UP”.

The list of international artists who recorded written by David Christie alias James Bolden also included American singer preferred French, Joe Dassin, Greek crooner Demis Roussos, the American rock singer Meredith Brooks, Queen of the songs Parisian night, Régine (“I’m Tired”), Sylvie Vartan and many others around the world.


DAVID has recorded several albums that have served as models of his songs that show his versatility as a performer, songwriter, musician and arranger.


1. NAPOLEON JONES featuring DAVID CHRISTIE produced by Jack Robinson, David Christie and Gil Slavin “I Love to Love (but my baby just loves to dance)” (J.Robinson-J.Bolden); “(If you want it) Do it Yourself” (J.Robinson-J.Bolden); “C’est La Vie” (J.Robinson-J.Bolden); “Fame” (J.Robinson-G.Slavine); “I ‘ll Sing For You “(J.Robinson-J.Bolden); ” I’m Ready “(J.Robinson-J.Bolden); ” Lazy Love “(Rech-Kent-Robinson-Richard); ” Jaywalk “(parts I and II) (J.Robinson-G.Slavine-J.Bolden); “Rosie” (J.Robinson-J.Bolden)

2. LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING (J.Robinson-J.Bolden) “See You At The Dance Tonight” (Ian Bellamy); “C is the Life” (J.Robinson-J.Bolden); “Love is the Most Important Thing “(J.Robinson-J.Bolden); ” Summer Days “(J.Robinson-J.Bolden-Biddu); ” Rendezvous (J.Robinson-J.Bolden) “Tease” (J.Robinson-J.Bolden) ” All Night Man “(J.Robinson-J.Bolden)” Midnight “(J.Robinson-J.Bolden)” Is not No Two Ways About It “(J.Robinson-J.Bolden); ” medley” I Love to Love , Do It Yourself, Love Me Like a Lover ” (J.Robinson-J.Bolden)

Produced by David Christie, Jack Robinson Arranged by David Christie, Raymond Kenehetsky (David and Jack in Munich)

“All Night Man” has been re-interpreted by Small Change, produced by superstar mix Disco Tom Moulton. “Midnight” by Albert Moriss, “Rendezvous” was a hit for Tina Charles. “Love is the Most Important Thing” was again produced by Christie and Robinson and was a summer hit in France.

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