Hello and a very warm welcome to the David Christie international tribute and appreciation fan page!
Here’s a taste of David Christie’s music – enjoy!

Everyone is welcome – Please feel free to invite your friends, make comments and above all, discover and enjoy great music from David Christie – Thank you!

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Remembering David Christie (1st January 1948 – 14th May 1997) – great and gifted artist, singer and musician. Thank you for the beautiful music David, you are greatly missed.

Most people remember David Christie’s top dance hit “Saddle Up” from the early 80’s and this fan page was made for everyone to share, discover and enjoy this great artist’s music!

David Christie (real name Jacques Pépino) – French Artist, singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, who had a top international hit with “Saddle Up” in 1982. David also produced and composed for many artists including Tina Charles, Gloria Gaynor, Grace Jones, Frantique, Gibson Brothers, Nicole Valérie, Tommy Nilsson, Phyllis Nelson, Meredith Brooks, Carol Douglas and many more.

Hit songs: Saddle Up, I Love To Love, Strut Your Funky Stuff, Don’t Stop Me (I Like It), Do It Yourself, Julie, Deux Petites Perles Bleues, Notre Premier Enfant.

Music Styles: French/English Pop, Rock, Soul, Dance, Disco.


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