Christine’s Blog Part 3: David Christie Pioneer of 80’s Music

David Christie

In 1968 David records his first hit “Julie” which sold 300,000 copies. One year later he sang at “Olympia, the famous French concert hall and toured with Pierre Perret; then in 1970 he continued his galas and took to the road with Claude François, a famous French singer. In 1971 he took part in the first song festival in Mexico, and won an award for best singer, and toured across South America.

In 1972 he stopped galas and devoted himself to composition and production. He worked as an artistic director for Eddy Barclay and looked after The Poppys, Esther Gallil, and Eddy Mitchell careers; but he came back to stage in 1973 and won the first award of “La Rose d’Or  d’Antibes” with the song” Notre Premier Enfant”.

In 1974 he started his career in English with the album “Napoleon Jones, featuring David Christie”, a song of which “Lazy Love” was a hit. He was also a composer (aka James Bolden) for famous French, American,and English singers. In 1982 Jack Robinson wrote lyrics of “Saddle Up”,  it sold 547,000 copies only in France and became a top 10 hit in several countries, not only in France but also in Switzerland, the Netherlands and UK .

David retired in Capbreton (Landes) the year after.

With the courtesy of Rémy Pépino (photo), and Kalone.

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