Rare Album: Special David Christie Sound (LP, 1968)

One of the most rarest and sought after David Christie albums to come by would be the “Special David Christie Sound, Volume 1”.

This was David Christie’s first full LP, after the releases of his EPs, and was released around the late 1960’s on Disc AZ records, France.

This album is a collection of 12 instrumental tracks composed by David under the alias of James Bolden. And by looking at the front cover of the album itself, David played most of the instruments too!

Worth a mention here is that amongst the songs on the album, there is also an instrumental version of “Pour Une Rose” (J. Bolden/ J. Rech), which sounds almost like a movie soundtrack. This is a great track with an orchestral intro, choir and guitar solo.

“Special David Christie Sound, Vol. 1” is very hard to find, but worth checking out if you can get hold of a rare copy. You are probably wondering if there was ever a Vol. 2 LP, well, so far there is no information on this, but if you have any info, please do let us know through the “Contacts” page, which is located under the “Links” tab at the top of the website!

Luckily, we can hear one of the tracks that someone has posted from the “Special David Christie Sound, Vol. 1” LP titled “Le Vent du sud” (The South Wind), which you can hear below for your listening pleasure – enjoy!

For details of album tracks, see below video!

David Christie – Le vent du sud (The South Wind)

David Christie – Special David Christie Sound, LP 1968

Format: Vinyl Album, LP

Record Label/ Ref: Disc AZ / STEC LP 47

Track Listing:
Side A :
Le retour des bergers
Concerto pour un soleil
Un paradis dans tes yeux
Une ville en folie
L’appel de la montagne
Vivre, vivre, vivre

Side B :
En suivant les nuages
Le miroir d’une vie
Aubade à Suzanna
Le vent du sud
Le canon des bergers
Pour une rose

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