News Round-Up For May/June 2017!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the summer weather so far. In this news round-up we have some exciting news coming up for next month June, but first here are some new Various Artists (VA) compilation albums you might have missed these past few weeks: –

Nearly two weeks ago, a new VA dance album was released, “House Music 2017“, which features many dance mixes including more hot tracks from the House band Traumton. David Christie’s “Saddle Up” and Tina Charles’s “I Love To Love” mixes features on the album, and is available to purchase for download from most music online stores!

There are two more VA albums featuring Traumton’s David Christie mixes coming up for release in June: “Hotpspot Deep #2” and “Ibiza Deep House 2017” will out for download on the 2nd June 2017 as digital albums formats.

Before I get the exciting news, I would like to thank you all for visiting and following etc. the David Christie International Fan Page – Thank you all for your support!

Just to let everyone know, if you are on Twitter and would like to keep up with news and updates on the David Christie Fan Page, please feel free to join our Twitter page at ! Also, you can view the Twitter page through the “Flipboard” App, which gives a newspaper/magazine look to the page (see pictures above!).  The app is available for Apple and Android devices through , and Itunes and the Google store!

Now for the great exciting news!

On the 14th June 2017 there will be an 80’s music radio broadcast which will also feature a tribute to David Christie!

Christine, a big David Christie fan, and blogger for the DC Fan page, got this radio project started. This was her idea and she helped to design the programme too with the radio host of the station at Radio Be sure to catch Christine’s next blog, where she will give more details, times and how to support the radio show – all coming soon, don’t miss it !!!

I would like to thank Christine for all her hard work and for radio project too! I as well as many of the fans look forward to listening to the show – great work! Many thanks for everything, and all the very best to you Christine and the radio host! ❤

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