Christine’s Blog: David Christie Tribute!

By Guest Author Christine

Hello Everyone!

David Christie Tribute live on 80’s music radio broadcast, “PASSIONNEMENT 80” on Radio, Wed. 14th of June 2017! Photo by Christine.

Good news for David Christie’s fans !

How about listening with me to the radio on Wednesday 14th June at 8pm (for French, Italian, German, Spanish people) i.e. 20H (French  hour), and 7pm (for English people _UK) 18h GMT/ UTC.

There will be a live 80’s music broadcast, “PASSIONNEMENT  80”, that will last one hour and the host has accepted to play three David Christie’s tracks.  They will be inserted all the way through the program at the rate of about one every quarter of an hour .

I modestly chose the titles and I really hope you will enjoy them. I also wrote a few words to introduce them.

Please don’t hesitate to “Like” or to comment live (or even after the broadcasting if you prefer) via Facebook and this whatever the language you speak. You are welcome!

I wish you a good listening!


Radio show on Radio PASSIONNEMENT  80

Tune in to Radio at:

Also visit Radio Bresse on Facebook. Leave comments and Likes at:

One comment on “Christine’s Blog: David Christie Tribute!

  1. Reblogged this on David Christie International Fan Page and commented:

    David Christie Tribute Tonight! Don’t Miss It!!!

    Here’s a reminder!!! David Christie tribute – Wednesday 14th June 2017!
    Don’t miss the live radio 80’s music broadcast, “PASSIONNEMENT 80” on Radio tonight at the following times:

    For French, Italian, German, Spanish listeners – 8pm (20H French hour).
    UK listeners – 7pm (18h GMT/ UTC).

    This one hour show features a tribute to David Christie, so don’t miss it!!!
    Also, please don’t forget to “LIKE” and make comments on Radio Bresse’s Facebook page – see link below!

    Tune in to Radio at:

    Also visit Radio Bresse on Facebook. Leave comments and Likes at:


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