Allan Kiss – Regrets (Unreleased Track)

Musician and composer Allan Kiss

Today marks the 20th anniversary of David Christie’s passing.  We truly miss a very talented singer and musician.  As many fans will know, David Christie had worked with many top people in the music industry; he wrote many hit songs for himself as well as for many top international artists too.

Just a few years ago, some of David’s unreleased music was finally released on the following compilation albums: “David Christie – Best Of 2013” and “The Essentials”. However, there are still more unreleased, and perhaps, incompleted songs that are in the vaults that have yet to be released.

Today, we can hear what was one of the last songs David was working on shortly before he passed away courtesy of his friend, Allan Kiss (real name Alain Chrétien).  Allan is a musician and composer and has worked in the music business for over twenty years. According to Allan’s official website,  Allen and David were not only neighbours, but became good friends over the years. Allan says that he had the privilege of meeting David and that he was a talented artist and that he had an extreme kindness.

The Official website of Allan Kiss


The song that Allan and David were working on was meant to be completed in 1997. David was supposed to write the lyrics and melody for this track, but following tragic circumstances, the song was never completed.  Soon after, Allan decided to put a hold on his music career and stop composing altogether.  In recent years, Allan returned to writing again after ten years, and went back to complete the work he and David were working on. He decided to re-title the song to “Regrets” in tribute to David.

You can hear this lovely song “Regrets”, in full, on Allan’s website. Visit and listen to Allan Kiss’s music at from there, once you click enter, click the “Regrets” tab at the top of the page, and you will see a page dedicated to David Christie. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to hear the song “Regrets”.

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