Christine’s Blog: ARIA – David Christie

By Guest Author Christine

Hello everyone!


Photo of Jacques Pépino’s (David Christie) 7″ Single “Aria” against background picture taken in Landes, France – by Christine

Today I will tell you about “Aria”, an instrumental track recorded in 1975 under David Christie’s real name Jacques Pépino. He ensured the arrangements and the musical direction of this ballad which is nostalgic, full of poetry and emotion.
The original sung version was created the same year and sung by Dario Baldo – Bembo, an Italian composer, musician and singer. Of course, the lyrics are in Italian and they are very touching.


The original track is a space music that sounds more darker than David’s version, and even if it is a great one, it can perhaps sometimes make you feel uncomfortable; that’s why I prefer David’s arrangements which are lighter, but nevertheless keep the fascinating line of the music and is still melancholy .

Again the same year, Sheila, a famous French singer known abroad under the name SB Devotion with the songs “Love Me Baby”, “Singing In The Rain”, and “Spacer “, recorded a nice version of “Aria” with French words and whose title became “Aimer avant de mourir” (To Love Before Dying ). The lyrics were dedicated to her new born baby.
A few years later (1982), David Christie took part in a Swiss show (Coeur en fete) in which Sheila was the main singer and in which he sang his famous hit “Saddle up”. “Wake Up”, the B side of “Aria”, is an instrumental track too, but totally different: very happy and highly imaginative, a fun-filled music!

I let you enjoy listening to “Aria” French version: “Aimer avant de mourir”, sung by Sheila .

I wish you a year full of music !
See you all soon!


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