David Christie Birthday Tribute – One Man Wonderful Band (1977)


Happy New Year everyone!

Happy Birthday David! Today would have been David Christie’s 69th birthday! David is a joy to listen to, and in tribute, I have chosen to play one of his rare tracks titled “One Man Wonderful Band” from his 1977 album “Love Is The Most Important Thing”. This track was originally written by David and Jack Robinson in tribute to their favourite Soul/Motown singer Stevie Wonder – listen to the lyrics and you can hear many references to Stevie!  The song was then later covered by the soul group The Spinners on their album “From Here To Eternally” in 1978, which is currently streaming on Spotify and Deezer!

As fans may already know, like Stevie Wonder, David was also a multi-instrumentalist and would play most of the instruments on his albums whilst producing and engineering – A One Man Wonderful Band!!!
Enjoy a sample of David Christie’s “One Man Wonderful Band”, and more music from the Spotify playlist below!

❤ 💐 In memories of David Christie (Jacques Pépino) & his youngest daughter Julia, they are both greatly missed. Thank you for the beautiful music! XXX❤ 💐

David Christie – One Man Wonderful Band (short clip)



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