Re-released Albums! The Very Best Of David Christie And The Original Masters, Vol. 9 (2016)

Disco fans may be familiar with this album series, which has been out for a few years now titled “The Original Masters – The Music History Of The Disco”. This series features rare and out-of-print Disco tracks from various artists that have been compiled and re-mastered for CD.

In Vol. 9 of the series features David Christie’s top Disco track – “Don’t Stop Me I Like It” from his albums “Love Is The Most Important Thing” (LP version, 1977) and “Back Fire” (1978). Originally, album Vol. 9 was released in 2012 on CD and was recently re-released this year as a digital album for downloads and streaming sites.

The sound quality on “The Original Masters – The Music History Of The Disco Vol. 9” compilation is very good, and I’m very glad that David’s song is included on this album, so check it out if you are into rare Disco songs! The album is available (in CD and digital formats) to purchase from many online music stores including Amazon!

David Christie – Saddle Up (Country Style) from the album “The Very Best Of David Christie”.

Last year David Christie’s compilation album “The Very Best Of David Christie” was made available, on demand, in CD format from Amazon’s US site only. The album has also been re-released again digitally on streaming sites Spotify, Deezer and more. Anyone who wants to buy David’s album can still purchase it through most online stores including Amazon, Google, and 7 Digital!

Also check out!

David Christie’s International Smash Hit Single “Saddle Up” Re-released for 2016!

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