Christine’s Blog: “I Love To Love” Story Continued…


Photo montage of David Christie’s albums against background picture of the pier of Capbreton (called “L’ Estacade”) by Christine

The album “I Love To Love” was followed by “Love Is The Most Important Thing”(1977), “Backfire”(1978) and obviously the famous “Back In Control”(1982) in which we can listen to his international hit “Saddle
Up”; unless you were living on Mars planet at this moment you inevitably know it!

Then came several simple records: “Our Time Has Come”, (1982), “Stress”(1983) and as he was already retired from the limelights of show business: “Chain Of Love” and “Cindy Lou” (1985), “Living It Up” (1988) , “Saddle Up 90” (with Mc Dee), and finally “Let’s All Dance” (1991). This song was recorded with Gibson Brothers and was a hit in Belgium.

David Christie has a bright and flexible voice, we really can hear him smiling and guess his joy of life when singing. His name is linked to “music passion “! As for me, when I feel a bit down I play some of his songs and my day lights up, it’s magic!

We can hear unrealised songs in the album “The Essentials” 2015 (that, unfortunately, becomes more difficult to buy now).  All of them have a great rhythm and show how various and eclectic he was in his music.  He could have composed many different styles of music (pop, disco, funk, Cha Cha, Mambo, slows, ballads), he was very talented indeed. Sometimes I wonder what kind of music he would compose nowadays.

I have a wish: discovering again some other unrealised songs in the future, I am almost sure he composed and pre-recorded some others; that would be great for us, fans; I hope I manage to make myself heard.

Cheers for now!


Also read the first part of Christine’s blog below:


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