BBC4 To Show Top Of The Pops 1982 This Weekend (UK)!

David Christie - TOTPs 1982Hello everyone! I have some exciting news especially if you are the UK! The UK TV station BBC4 will be Showing episodes from the long-running pop music show Top Of The Pops (TOTP).

Two of the shows featuring live studio performances from David Christie (original broadcast dates 9/9/1982 and 23/9/1982) will be screened on TV this coming Sunday through to the 3rd of December.

If you miss any of the shows, you can catch up by watching BBC’s IPlayer online (UK), but only for a limited time! See below for the scheduled dates, times and link to the IPlayer – enjoy!

All UK times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)!

BBC4 TV dates:

Sunday 27th Nov. 1.30 AM, Show 9/9/1982

Thursday 1st Dec. 19.30 PM, Show 23/9/1982

Friday 2nd Dec. 1.00 AM, Show 23/9/1982 (Repeat)

Saturday 3rd Dec. 22.30 PM, Show 23/9/1982 (Repeat)

Link to watch on BBC’s IPlayer online at:


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