David Christie’s International Smash Hit Single “Saddle Up” Re-released for 2016!

David Christie - Saddle Up Single (2016)
I am very happy to see that David Christie’s international smash hit single “Saddle Up” was just re-released this week in digital format!

The single contains three original versions (See below) and is available on the streaming music sites Spotify, Tidal and Deezer .

If you want to purchase the three-track single, the only place to buy from, for now, is the Google music store HERE , and it is hoped that many online stores will soon be selling the single in following weeks. Check it out now and enjoy!

Saddle Up (Extended Album Version, 1982)
Saddle Up (Extended 90’s Rap Version)
Saddle Up (Country Style)

Words/Music – Jack Robinson/James Bolden (David Christie).
Release date: 2nd November 2016
Label: © 2016 Sandrew Metronome

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