News! David Christie’s Albums “The Essentials” And “Saddle Up” Removed from Spotify And Amazon!


Hello everyone! I have some disappointing news that David Christie’s digital compilation albums “The Essentials” and “Saddle Up – Best Of David Christie” , both featuring extra unreleased tracks, have been removed from music streaming sites Spotify UK, Deezer and Tidal. Also, the albums have been removed from music stores Amazon, Google Play and Itunes (depending on your country)!

The reason for the removal of David ‘s albums is not known, and it is not certain that it will be made available again.
However, some online stores are still selling the “The Essentials” and “Saddle Up – Best Of” albums, and to avoid further disappointment, buy your copy now while it is still available from the following stores below!!!

7 Digital
Available in 16-bit FLAC/320MP3 format

Available in 320MP3 format

For more info on the tracklisting of David’s albums, click on the orange links above!

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