Christine’s Blog: I Love To Love

By Guest Author Christine

Hello everyone!

From 1975 to 1991 David Christie’s career was mainly in English.  Actually, he met Jack Robinson in 1973 – 1974 and they decided to team up; as usual, David composed all the music and Jack Robinson most of the lyrics. Their first common album LP in 1975 was “I Love To Love “.

Photo by Christine

At the time David was a bit forgotten as a singer in France and he finally decided to sing… David Christie aka Napoleon Jones, but in English. Then he recorded and sang himself his hits “I Love To Love”, “If You Want It Do It Yourself “, “C’est La Vie”, “Jaywalk” (number one in clubs) and some others. In this album he played drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and he assured the sound recording in his own studio: The Song Factory. Actually, this album was a kind of demos, and David and J. Robinson sold their songs to different artists like Tina Charles who decided to sing “I Love To Love” – it was a great hit in 1976, realize! About 6 millions copies were sold only that same year! And English people gave him the price of the best composer for that song !

Tina Charles – I Love To Love

Altogether, 20 millions records with David Christie’s music of this album were sold and sang by Tina Charles of course, but also by Gloria Gaynor, Jimmy Davis, Morris Albert, and Donna Summer who were fond of him !

The following year he recorded another album LP in English; it was the first under his artist name “David Christie” and there were some others later, but it’s another story I will tell you about in another post!

Have a nice end of summer !

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