Christine’s Blog: Feelings About David Christie’s French Career

By Guest Author Christine

Photo by Christine - David_Christie (2016)

Photo by Christine

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to speak mainly about David Christie’s French songs.
David Christie had two separated musical careers; as everybody knows it, David was French and started his first official career singing French songs from 1967 to 1975. His first hit “Julie” was quickly followed by “Belle”, “Au Pays Qui Est Plus Loin Que Loin” and many others later. When listening to these songs you can hear how happy he was when singing. His musical rhythms are by turn fast and slow and show how elasticated his voice was.

I particularly love his French album LP “Jamais Seul” (1974); he composed all music (besides as usually) and lyrics are very touching. Remember “C’était Au Printemps “, “Il Reviendra”, “Il Fait Bon Ce Soir” and obviously the wonderful song “Notre Premier Enfant”. Here his voice is deep and powerful, perhaps even more that when singing in English (but it’s just my opinion !).  And I can find again this so expressive voice in the songs “Le Dieu Enfant” and “Une Nuit” that I like very much for it’s close to his pleasant spoken voice.

David Christie – Julie (1968)

His music during his French period sounds really different from his English one and makes that even now some French people about 70 and more still remember him but on the contrary don’t know anything about his career in English. They are often surprised when they realize they are listening to the same singer ! We have not to forget that at this period he also composed for many well known French singers as Sylvie Vartan, Joe Dassin, Régine, Laurent Rossi and so on …
He had a total passion for music and he showed us again and overall in the second part of his career in English.

If I could have made some of you want to discover him, then enjoy listening to his French songs.
You can buy some of them on EBAY or PRICEMINISTER.

Cheers for now !


Many thanks to Christine for her contribution to The David Christie International Fan Page!
Check out Christine’s previous post HERE!

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