Welcome Guest Blogger Christine!

By Guest Author Christine

Hello everyone!

My name is Christine and I am from France. I have been a great David Christie fan for more than 50 years now! I heard him the first time when I was only 9 and I am now 60!

I perfectly remember him when he sang on a french TV song contest he won 2 or 3 times; himself was very young (about 17); And one year and a half later was his first success “Julie” aka David Christie; when I saw him on a TV show, I was sure he was Jacques Pépino; Since this time I am an unconditional fan, I love his French songs as much as his English ones; I always tried to follow him, musically speaking !

Unfortunately, I never got to see him alive. I would have liked meeting him; in January 1984, he planned to sing in a club of the town where I was living, but he canceled his show for he had to fly to New York – I was very disappointed!

Each of us had a way to become a David Christie’s fan and overall to be yet !
He gave us so many different music, even if (unfortunately) today we can hear only 3 or 4 English hits on the radio. That’s why this international fan page exists: a way not to forget him and his work; Perhaps some of you had the luck to see or to meet him? Please, don’t hesitate to tell us your stories so that we can share our feelings.
You are welcome!

Cheers for now!


Many thanks to Christine for her contribution to The David Christie International Fan Page!

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