David Christie – Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble (1974)

David Christie - Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble 7" vinyl (1974)

David Christie – Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble 7″ vinyl (1974)

Wow! Today is Record Store Day, and it’s upon us again! This is an annual event that started in 2007 and celebrates the culture of the independently owned record stores around the world. This event brings together fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores world-wide.

If anyone is looking for David Christie records for their collection this weekend, I wish you all the best, and have a great time!

This weekend for Record Store Day, I’m playing a song requested by Andre Najjar, a David Christie fan, who would like to hear a couple of songs including the song “Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble” (When We Lived Together), from David’s French album “Jamais Seul” (Never Alone), 1974.

The album, “Jamais Seul”, is well worth getting hold of for your collection, as it was originally released on vinyl and has never been reissued on physical CD nor streamed digitally on music sites. Amongst the great tracks on this LP, the album features the singles, “Jamais Seul”, “Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble”, and also David’s award-winning hit song “Notre Premier Enfant” that was written in celebration of his first daughter Nathalie.

If you are lucky, you can still get copies of this album from some record stores online.  “Jamais Seul” also seems to be the last album David sung in French before he started writing and singing in English. Enjoy listening to “Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble” below, and have a great weekend everyone!

David Christie – Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble (1974)

Quand Nous Vivions Ensemble
Written by J. Pepino (David Christie) and J. Tissot

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