Weekend Mixes!

Let’s start the weekend off with three great mixes of David Christie’s compositions that were covered by the following artists below – enjoy! 🙂
Dcs 3

First is Frantique with “Strut Your Funky Stuff (Liebrand Edit)”.  This great disco track was written for David’s all-girl band, Frantique, and edited by top DJ Ben Liebrand. You can find this version on Ben’s album titled “Grand 12-Inches Vol. 5”.

Frantique  – Strut Your Funky Stuff (Liebrand Edit) Album: Ben Liebrand – Grand 12-Inch Vol. 5
Album: Originally from Frantique – “Frantique” 1979.

Next is The Freak Brothers featuring David Christie with “Saddle Up”. The Freak Brothers released the single in 1998 and was dedicated to the memory of David Christie.

Freak Brothers Feat. David Christie (Remix) 
Album: Originally from David Christie – “Back In Control” 1982.

Last, but not least, Tina Charles with a remix of “I Love To Love”, which was written by David and the single became a No.1 hit for Tina in the UK in 1976.

Tina Charles – I Love To Love (Remix) 
Album: Originally from David Christie – “Napoleon Jones Feat. David Christie” 1975.

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