David Christie – “The Singles” Collection Gets UK Release!

Visit Amazon UKThe long awaited album, “David Christie – The Singles” collection, is now available to purchase in the UK through Amazon’s music store. The digital album contains 15 tracks including the singles “Rally Down To Sally’s“, “Paris By Night“, “Cindy Lou”, and the great ballad “I Guess I’ll Always Love You”, which are not available on other compilation albums – see below for details!

I have to say that I am disappointed that master tapes were not used in this compilation. Most of the songs on this album are sourced from tape recordings of vinyl records, and there’s even an error on “Rally Down To Sally’s”. David Christie truly deserves a whole lot better than this. His work needs to be properly re-mastered to high standards from the studio masters, and I hope to see this in future releases.

At the time of writing, two other albums have also been released: “The Munich Album” (Aka “Love Is The Most Important Thing”); and “The Very Best Of David Christie” (Aka “David Christie – Saddle Up” compilation album, 1994) – both digital albums are also available from Amazon UK – click the picture above to enter the store!

David Christie – The Singles (digital compilation album)
Saddle Up (12″ Version)
Lazy Love
Priorities (Album Version)
Don’t Stop Me (Re-recorded Version)
Our Time Has Come
Living It Up
Saddle Up, Right Trip (12″ Version)
Rally Down To Sally’s (12″ Version)
Paris By Night
Love Is The Most Important Thing (Album Version)
Medley (12″ Version) (Different version from album: “David Christie – Best Of 2013”)
Cindy Lou
Falling In Love In Summer
I Guess I’ll Always Love (B Side of “Rally Down To Sally’s single)

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