David Christie UK Interview: Smash Hits Magazine (September, 1982)

It is very rare and hard to find any interviews with David Christie, but recently, I found this little gem in a popular British pop music magazine called “Smash Hits”. This rare interview was conducted in 1982 at the height of David’s success with his international hit single “Saddle Up” – see below!

The following pages are taken from the said magazine, and I hope you enjoy reading them!

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Above: Front cover of Smash Hits magazine (Vol 4, No.19, Sept. 1982)

Song lyrics (incl. “Saddle Up”) and mag contents listed inside Smash Hits magazine.

Song lyrics to David Christie’s classic hit single “Saddle Up” published in Smash Hits magazine, 1982.

David Christie UK Interview : Smash Hits – SADDLE SOAP

“In this business you are up and then you are down,” muses David Christie. He certainly can’t complain at the moment. His latest 45, “Saddle Up”, is sidling up the charts – slowly but surely.

Mr. C., who, says his press release, is “blond, under 30, over six foot and a Capricorn”, was born and brought up in the French city of Lyon. Hitting his teenage years he moved to Paris where “you have to be if you want to be in the showbiz.” Imagine a dapper Inspector Clouseau and you have the accent.

At 15 he formed a band called Electric (“In France we always take English names”) but stayed in obscurity until he met Jack Robinson, a music publisher who had moved from Seattle to Paris.

David would make tapes of their songs in his small four track studio and Jack would hawk them around record companies in America.

Their first taste of success came when disco star Gloria Gaynor recorded “Do It Yourself”. After that the duo served up songs for Tina Charles (“I Love To Love”, Love Me Like A Lover”), Grace Jones (“Do Or Die”) and more recently Frantique (“Strut Your Stuff”).

But turning out hits is no easy matter. “You have a lot of songs – maybe 10 out of every 20 – in the garbage,” sighs David. Once he finishes his current tour of France on September 15, he’ll be writing a new batch.

The above interview taken from the popular pop magazine Smash Hits, September 1982.

smash hit 2 sept 1982On the 2nd of September 1982, David Christie makes the top 40 disco charts with “Saddle Up” at #33 – see top right-hand corner of the page above!

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