Les Poppys – Western Story (Album, 1973)

Les Poppys – Western Story (Vinyl LP, 1973).

Les Poppys are a children’s choir from France. The pop group have a long history which date back from when they were first founded in 1946 in Asnières (France) by Jean Amoureux as Les Petits Chanteurs d’Asnières, and later renamed Les Poppys under the Barclay record label in 1970. The line-up of the group have changed over the years, but they still continue to perform and tour around Europe.

Between 1970 and 1977, Les Poppys sold more than 5 million records and produced 4 albums with over 20 singles to their catalogue. Their top hits include “Noël 70”; “Non, Je Ne Veux Pas Faire La Guerre…” (No, I Don’t Want To Make War… ) 1970; “Jésus Revolution” (Jesus Revolution) 1972; and “Non, Non, Rien N´A Changé” (No, No, Nothing Has Changed) 1971, all of which have won the group many gold record awards.

Back cover of Les Poppys 1973 album “Western Story”.

In 1974, Les Poppys released their third album titled “Western Story”, which David Christie was involved with. David co-wrote most of the songs for the group, and he was also an artistic director on this album.

Listen to four great tracks David co-wrote from “Western Story” below: “Western Story”, “Un An Déjà”, “Au Nom De L’Amour”, and the Christmas song “Noël Pour Un Autre Monde”. The album has been out of print for many years and has never been re-released. However, two tracks from “Western Story” (“Bienvenue” and “Un An Déjà”) have appeared on two compilation albums in Germany on vinyl: “Die Grossen Erfolge – Poppys” (Great Achievements) 1976; and “Les Poppys” 1982. For Les Poppys and Christie fans, “Western Story” is one of the sort after rare albums.

Happy listening, enjoy!

Western Story

Written by André Tissot and Jacques Pépino (David Christie)

Noël Pour Un Autre Monde (Christmas To Another World)

Written by André Tissot, Eddie Barclay and Jacques Pépino (David Christie)

Un An Déjà (One Year Already)

Written by André Tissot and Jacques Pépino (David Christie)

Au Nom De L’Amour (In The Name Of Love) *

Written by André Tissot, Eddie Barclay and Jacques Pépino (David Christie)

Album: Les Poppys – Western Story (1973)
Western Story
Noël Pour Un Autre Monde
Un Coeur Tout Neuf
Rêve Ta Vie
Chasseur D’Arc-En-Ciel
Un An Déjà
Au Nom De L’Amour
C’Est Ma Mère
New Pater Noster
Vous Avez Eté Des Enfants
Tu Poses Une Pierre

Au Nom De L’Amour (In The Name Of Love) – Lyrics *

Au nom de l’amour, au nom de l’amour,
De tout l’amour du monde,
Au nom de l’amour, au nom de l’amour,
Il faut vivre au nom de l’amour.

Pour lui, j’inventerai la terre,
Sans murs et sans frontières entre les hommes
Pour lui je me ferai vainqueur
Et chevalier sans peur
J’offrirai mon coeur.

Pour lui, je veux savoir à temps,
Je veux savoir pourtant la tendresse.
Pour lui, et sans rien demander,
Je veux bien tout donner
Rien que pour aimer.


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