David Christie – Unreleased Songs (Fan Playlist)


Hi everyone!

As you will know from previous blogs, earlier this year, six unreleased David Christie tracks was released on the “The Essentials” album. Well, here’s the great news! The same record company has just released three more of David’s unreleased tracks on two new various artists compilation albums: “Disco Dance”, and “Disco Music”. The three new songs areAnother Night“, “Follow That Car” and “Annie Don’t You Miss That Airplane“; and I have included them in a playlist, which also includes many of the previously unreleased tracks compiled from albums (see below for details and where to purchase albums).  I hope you all enjoy David’s music in this playlist! Cheers everyone! 🙂

David Christie – Unreleased Songs (Spotify playlist)

David Christie – Unreleased (Spotify playlist)
All songs can be purchased (depending on availability in your country) from the following online music stores: 7Digital, Amazon, Itunes, HMV, and Google Play.

Tracklist (not in playlist order):
Air Guitar
Who’s Gonna Love Me
I love The Way You love Me
Mambo Dance
Undercover Lovers
You Wind Me Up
Hung Up On You
Another Night (NEW)
Annie, Don’t You Miss That Airplane (NEW)
Follow That Car (NEW)
Don’t Stop Me I Like It (Re-recording)
Strut Your Funky Stuff (Re-recording)
Saddle Up (Country Style) (Re-recording)
See You At The Dance Tonight

The following digital albums (released on the 30th July 2015) are available to purchase and download from online music store Google Play.

Digital Album: Disco Dance (Compilation: various artists)
Tracks: Another Night (Unreleased)
See You At The Dance Tonight

Digital Album: Disco Music (Compilation: various artists)
Tracks: Annie Don’t You Miss That Airplane (Unreleased)
Follow That Car (Unreleased)

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