Titanic’s Lead Singer Roy Robinson Passed Away In June 2015

A-597874-1239812670.jpegRoy Robinson (31st December 1945 – 8th June 2015)

I have just learned the very sad news of Roy Robinson, lead singer of Norwegian rock band Titanic, who passed away last month on the 8th of June 2015. Roy Robinson was a superb singer and of great talent, he will be greatly missed. Condolences goes out to Roy’s family and friends. May Roy Robinson rest in peace, God Bless him.

You will remember in a past post, Roy recorded a song in 1983 which was co-written by himself and David Christie called “Stay Thru The Night” (see video below). What you may not know is that Roy also recorded an excellent demo of David’s song “Fools Only See” (from the album “Back In Control”), and you can hear the song courtesy of Jack Robinson on his official website at http://www.robinsongmusic.com – go to “Song Catalogue”, “Songs With David Christie”, and select “Fools Only See” on the left-hand side of the website.

Roy Robinson – Stay Thru The Night (1983)

Roy Robinson – Stay Thru The Night
Written by James Bolden (David Christie) and Roy Robinson

6 comments on “Titanic’s Lead Singer Roy Robinson Passed Away In June 2015

  1. So sad when I heard Roy passed away. I remember him being my dads apprentice at Timms garage in Leigh. He used to visit us when I was young. He even gave me his Fox’s Tail xx Fondly remembered and never forgotten xx


    • Hello and thank you for your sharing your memories of Roy. Yes, it’s very sad, he was a great singer and he is greatly missed. Best wishes to you!


  2. I only found out that Roy had died a few weeks ago I knew him in the 60’early 70 He played In a band with my exhusband in France and German,and I lost touch with him after I was divorced was very upset to here passed away He was lovely and a very talented singer xx

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    • Hi Leona and welcome! Sorry I have been away from the website, but thank you very much for your comment and sharing your memories of your friend Roy with us – he was a superb singer and is greatly missed. It’s lovely to hear from you, and please feel free to vist the DC fan page again! Wishing you all the very best! Love and best wishes to you and yours – many thanks! XXX

      The David Christie Fan Page


    • Thank you very much Sheila, and it’s also great to hear about your family as well! Roy was a superb singer, very talented indeed – he is greatly missed! Roy did fantastic work with Titanic, and I’m very glad that their albums were re-issued over the years. And I would love to see your cousin’s solo work re-mastered too. Sheila, it is lovely hearing from you, and you and your family are very welcome! I wish you all love and best wishes – many thanks! XXX

      The David Christie Fan Page


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