Jacques Pépino (David Christie) – N’importe Quoi / Sous Ton Balcon (1966)

rare dcJacques Pépino – N’importe Quoi,  7″ single 1966

Here is one of David Christie’s earliest singles from 1966 titled “N’importe Quoi” that was released under his real name of Jacques Pépino, and who was at the very young age of just 18 years old! The 7″ single was taken from the 4-track EP (of the same title), which was also released in the same year, and was the follow-up single to his 1965 debut EP titled “Catherine”. Check out the tracks “N’importe Quoi” and “Sous Ton Balcon” from the 7″ single below, enjoy!

N’importe Quoi (Anything)

2Front cover of Jacques Pépino – N’importe Quoi, 4 track EP 1966

Sous Ton Balcon (Under Your Balcony)

Jacques Pépino – N’importe Quoi, 7″ Single and 4-track EP (1966)

Side A1 : N’importe Quoi “Hey Little Girl” (M. Barett – Phil Spector – G. Baqué) (7″ Single)
Side A2 : Sous Ton Balcon (Under My Balcony) “Bad Reputation” (H. Giososi – G. Marchand – J. Pépino) (7″ Single)
Side B1 : Les Pommes De Terre (Pépino – d’après folklore)
Side B2 : Je Suis Là (I’m Here) (Pépino – arr: Guy Boyer)

Record Sleeve : G. Rucki
Vision: Jacques PÉPINO (David CHRISTIE)
And also: Gérard BAQUÉ – Guy MARCHAND – Guy BOYE
complémentaires : orch: Guy Boyer
Thanks to : Claude Baudemont

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