Remembering David Christie (1948 –1997)

David Christie (Jacques Pépino) (1st January 1948 – 14th May 1997)

This week marks the 18th anniversary of the passing of great singer/songwriter David Christie. David Christie (Jacques Pépino) was born in 1948 of French and Italian origin. He adapted his stage name in honour of his favorite British actress Julie Christie, whom he greatly admired; and also, James Bolden came from his admiration of his favourite American movie star of the 50’s William Holden.

Early in his music career, David was fortunate to make his very own home studio called The “Song Factory”, and he teamed up with American lyricist and producer Jack Robinson to write, produce and publish his work. David sold over 30 million songs including the classic international dance smash hits “Saddle Up”, “Julie”, “I Love To Love”, “Notre Premier Enfant”, “Strut Your Funky Stuff”, and many more hits that have been recorded and covered, re-interpreted and remixed by top artists/bands and DJ’s world-wide – a big thank you to them all!

Although David retired from the music business in 1983 to look after his family, he still continued to write and produce songs, not only for himself, but for other artists too. Sadly, David was just 49 years old when he passed away in May 1997, and just months after the very sad loss of his second daughter Julia who was 11 years old – both father and daughter gone to soon and who are greatly missed, but never forgotten. God Bless them both always and may they both rest in peace. ❤ 💐

David was a superb singer, composer and musician etc.- a very talented artist indeed. David sang in both English and French, and played most of the instruments himself in his work. His music speaks for itself as it shows his musical versatility – just check out his back catalogue! He won 1st Prize award in the “Rose D’or 73” (Golden Rose award 1973) for his single “Notre Premier Enfant” (Our First Child) which celebrated the birth of his first daughter Nathalie. David truly deserves more recognition for his work, and personally, I would have liked to see him inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his contributions to music.

If David was still with us, I would shake his hands, give him a big hug and thank him for the beautiful music – he’s a music legend who is very much missed! I would like to thank everyone (including David’s family, friends, and fans) in keeping the memory and music of David Christie alive.

Also, many thanks to everyone for supporting David Christie, not only on this fan page, but also on the web world-wide including Twitter, Facebook, Deezer, and Spotify, all of which is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all! ❤

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