More Artists Covers Of David Christie’s Songs


Here are more David Christie songs covered by the following artists/bands below: James Last, Leroy Gomez, Fax Yourself, Daniel Janin & Band, and Björk. Enjoy!

To hear the original recordings, click on the orange hyperlinks. And for more covers of David’s music, also see links to previous posts below!

Daniel Janin And His Orchestra – Toujours La Même Rumba (1978)

Daniel Janin (1931 – 2010) was a French musician and composer who regularly appeared on French TV shows with his big band during the 70s. Daniel released many albums since the 1960’s and had covered many artists songs over the years. With his orchestra, Daniel recorded his cover of David Christie’s song “Toujours La Meme Rumba” in 1978 for his album “12 Super Succes”. This cover is sung by John Paine.

Fax Yourself Featuring Carrie Ann ‎- Strut Your Techno Stuff (Strut Your Funky Stuff) (1990)

Fax Yourself are a Belgian Euro house band who released their version of David’s “Strut Your Funky Stuff” in 1990 featuring singer Carrie Ann.

Leroy Gomez – Jaywalk (1978)

Leroy Gómez is an American singer and songwriter best known for his work with Santa Esmeralda in the 1970’s. Leory recorded a 16 minute version of David’s song “Jaywalk” for his third album titled “Number One Man”, which was released in 1978.

James Last – Saddle Up (1983)

James Last is a composer and big band leader from Germany. James is well known internationally for his concerts and TV shows, and has sold million of albums worldwide. In 1983, James recorded and released an album of hit chart songs made famous by different artists including David Christie’s “Saddle Up” for his album “Non Stop Dancing 83”.

Björk – I Love To Love (1976)

Famous Icelandic singer Björk began her career from a very early age. Björk, at the age of 10, first appeared on Icelandic radio singing David Christie’s hit single “I Love To Love” through the music school she attended, which eventually led her to a record deal and the release of her first solo album in 1977.

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