David Christie – Une Nuit (1986)

David Christie – Une Nuit (One Night) 7″ vinyl single 1986.

One of my favourite ballads by David Christie is the beautiful song “Une Nuit” (One Night). This love song was co-written by David and Didier Barbelivien (French singer, author, lyricist and songwriter), and based on Sir Edward Elgar’s classic “Pomp And Circumstance” (1900’s). “Une Nuit” was released on 7″ vinyl single in 1986. There is also a great song on the B-side of this single titled “La Musique Partout (Music Everywhere) co-written by David and Stéphanie Christie (Nina Morato) – highly recommended listening!

Enjoy these great songs below!  I love the production, arrangement and David’s superb singing – Classic!

“Une Nuit” is rare and hard-to-find vinyl single, which has never been issued nor digitally remastered on CD.  I hope all of David’s vinyl singles get officially released some day, that would be great!

David Christie – Une Nuit (One Night) 1986.


David Christie – La Musique Partout (Music Everywhere). (Short Clip)



Side A : Une Nuit (based on “Pump And Circumstances” by Sir Edward Elgar)
Written by – (D. Barbelivien – J. Bolden* – E. Barclay)

Side B : La Musique Partout (Music Everywhere)
Written by – (Stéphanie (Nina Morato) and  James Bolden (David Christie)*

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