Nicole Valérie – S’Aimer En Atlantique / Ma Prière D’amour (1994)

Nicole Valérie is a French singer and songwriter from Landes, France. Over the years, Nicole has recorded and released a number of albums which includes a wide range styles/genres, and also music for children. She has won a number of awards for her music and songwriting work.

In 1987, Nicole met David Christie and became great friends. David wrote and produced two of her albums and released three singles in the 1990’s.

Nicole’s first album, with David, titled “Quand Nous Vivons Ensemble” (When We Live Together) was released in 1994, and consisted of new compositions, covers and re-interpretations of David’s songs. David made guest appearances on this album, and special guest singers also included David’s youngest daughter Julia (David’s second daughter, who sadly passed away in 1997); and singer/songwriter Mike Mesure – A lovely album and well worth getting hold of the CD!

Listen to two great songs from the album below : “S’Aimer En Atlantique” (Love In The Atlantic), and “Ma Prière D’amour” (My Prayer For Love) with David – enjoy!
Nicole Valérie’s album,”Quand Nous Vivons Ensemble”, is currently available to purchase on CD from Amazon UK (Import) and France online stores!

Visit Nicole’s official website for more info, music and her homage to David Christie at:

S’Aimer En Atlantique (Music Video, Vinyl Single 1991)

Snippets: S’Aimer En Atlantique / Ma Prière D’amour (with David Christie).

S’Aimer En Atlantique (Love In The Atlantic)
Written by David Christie Pépino

Ma Prière D’amour (My Prayer For Love)
Written by James Bolden (David Christie Pépino)


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