Vigon – Dreams / Take Me (1971)

Lester Vigon – Dreams / Take Me (7″ vinyl single, 1971)

Vigon (real name Abdelghafour Mouhsine) is a French-Moroccan R&B/Soul singer, who had a number of hit singles and EPs in the 60’s and 70’s. In 1971, Vigon released the single “Dreams” (an English cover of Seul) which included the b-side “Take Me”, both tracks were co-written by David Christie and Johny Rech. Check out these two great soul songs below!

Vigon is currently part of the Soul group Vigon, Bamy and Jay, check out their official website at:


Both rare singles, “Dreams” and “Take Me”, are included on the CD album “The Best of Vigon” compilation, and is available from Amazon France and UK online stores!

Lester Vigon – Dreams

Lester Vigon – Take Me

Side A) Dreams
Music/Lyrics: James Bolden (David Christie) and Johnny Rech

Side B) Take Me
Music/Lyrics: James Bolden (David Christie), S. Woods and Johnny Rech

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