James Bolden – Priorities / If It Feels Good Baby (1980)

James Bolden (David Christie) – Priorities / If It Feels Good Baby (7″ single, 1980)

Jacques Pepino adopted his stage name David Christie early in his career, but he also used the pen name James Bolden in all his work as a composer. The reason was when David came to register his very first song with the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers Of French Music (SACEM),  the name Christie was already used by another artist. David then had to find another name and he chose to use James Bolden, which came from his admiration of his favourite American movie star of the 50’s William Holden.

After making great albums in the 70’s, David released his next album, at the beginning of the eighties pop era, titled “Flashback”. “Flashback” was released in 1980 under the name of James Bolden, and this was another great album filled with a mixture of disco, soul, funk, calypso, and pop tracks. There were many potential hit singles in this LP including “Back With My Baby”, “Flashback”etc., which international artists would later cover – Morris Albert, Frantique, and Phyllis Nelson.

In the same year, one of the first Singles released from “Flashback” was “Priorities” on 7″ and 12″ vinyl singles. The b-side of the 7″ version titled “If It Feels Good Baby” is a great calypso style song – check it out below!


If It Feels Good Baby

NOTE: The album “Flashback” (now titled David Christie – “Priorities”) is now available to purchase as a digital album from many download music stores online!

Track 1  Priorities
Track 2  If It Feels Good Baby

Track 1: Keyboards (tracks 1 & 2), Synthesizers, Bass, Guitar and Percussion – James Bolden*
Track 1: Harmony Vocals – James Bolden* (tracks 1 & 2), Jack Robinson
Producer – Jack Robinson, James Bolden*, Vivienne Savoie
Written-By – Jack Robinson, James Bolden (David Christie)*

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