Mo’ Club – Saddle Up (1996)

Mo’ Club – Saddle Up (1996)

Members of Mo’ Club are May-Britt Schweigler, Madlaine Cissoko, Simone Meier, and Pascal Pakter ,who are models, who met at a fashion party. when they heard David Christie’s classic hit “Saddle Up” being played, they started to sing along to the song. The crowd applauded as they were very impressed with their singing, and from there on the group decided to start a band. This resulted in Mo’ Club’s first release with their dance cover versions of “Saddle Up”. The single was released in 1996 on CD and 12″ vinyl in Germany! Enjoy two cool mixes from Mo’ Club’s CD single, which are available to purchase from iTunes!

mo club1Mo’ Club – Saddle Up (Cooly D Mix)

mo club cd

Saddle Up (On The Air Mix)

Mo’ Club – Saddle Up (CD single, 1996)

Available to purchase from iTunes!

1 Saddle Up (On The Air Mix)
2 Saddle Up (Cooly D Mix) Remix – Cooly D
3 Saddle Up (Talkbox Mix)
4 Saddle Up (U.S. Mix)
5 Saddle Up (Red’s Club Mix) Remix – Greg Howard, Red Howard
6 Saddle Up (Red’s Progressive Dub) Remix – Greg Howard, Red Howard

Music & lyrics by James Bolden (David Christie) / Jack Robinson
Special lyrics by Pascal Pakter
Produced by Stani “Silence” Djukanovic & Paralyzer
Published by Peer Musicverlag GmbH
Vocal recorded by Lubosch “J” Boda
Bass played by Reggie “Nutbush City” Worthy
Mastered by Tom Meyer at “Master & Servant”, Hambur

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