David Christie – Living It Up (1988)

Updated! This post now includes audio video – Enjoy!

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David Christie – Living It Up (1988).

David’s last studio album was “Stress” in 1983/4, and by that time David retired from show business to look after his family.  However, while out of the limelight, he continued to write for other artists and occasionally released some singles. This single “Living It Up” is a great up beat song, which was released only on 7″ and 12″ Vinyls in 1988 in France, Sweden and Scandinavia.

David was definitely a one man band – a very talented artist, who often played most of the instruments himself in his music. This song was written and produced by David and his good friend Jack Robinson and the results speak for itself, the song has great production and powerful and soulful vocals from David. In my opinion, this song like many of his other great tracks should have been big chart hits worldwide!

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