Frantique – Getting Serious (1979)

In the late 1970’s, an all American girl group Frantique had a huge disco hit with “Strut Your Funky Stuff”. Little did anyone know that this was David Christie’s “band”. David (under the alias of James Bolden) co-wrote, produced and arranged the band’s self-titled album together with Jack Robinson and Vivienne Savoie Robinson. David was also the engineer on the entire album; he played the bass, guitar, keyboards, and synthesisers throughout. He even sang backing vocals on some tracks including “Getting Serious”.

This missed disco gem from Frantique was released as a single from their album in 1979. Enjoy this great track!

Frantique – Getting Serious (1979)
7″ and 12″ vinyl singles

Frantique – Getting Serious 7" vinyl 1979 (Japan).

Frantique – Getting Serious 7″ vinyl 1979 (Japan).

Frantique – Getting Serious
Written by Vivienne Savoie Robinson and James Bolden (David Christie)
Arranged and produced by Vivienne Savoie Robinson, James Bolden (David Christie), and Jack Robinson.


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